Selection Process

The ASPIRE program does not prioritize students with the highest GPA, the most experience, or the strongest resume. Instead, mentors choose students based on a variety of criteria. Most mentors look for students who are enthusiastic, engaged, curious, and well-rounded with strong critical thinking and communication skills. Mentors often look for students with some programming knowledge as well. Up to 200 students will be placed each summer.

The STEM PMO will approve or deny applications based on eligibility and send notifications to all students. After student eligibility is confirmed, student applications are sent to mentors who may be a good match. Students who participate in other APL STEM programs, or who are part of APL STEM community partner programs, have increased visibility to our mentors.

It is your responsibility to make sure your application is complete upon submission. We will not contact you if your school acknowledgement form is incomplete or missing. Application materials cannot be changed after submission. Incomplete applications are not considered for admission to the program.

Mentors may contact students at any time during the selection window (check our timeline for more information), including to conduct interviews. If a mentor selects you for the internship, you will be notified immediately by e-mail. If you are interviewed and selected by multiple mentors, you will have to make a decision of who to intern with in a timely manner. If students receive one offer, they should not expect to receive another.

Acceptance emails are sent out on a rolling basis and will include additional, relevant information. If you are not selected for an internship, we encourage you to apply again in the future, if you still meet the eligibility requirements.