The ASPIRE program at APL allows high school juniors and seniors to experience and explore STEM careers before committing to an area of study in college. During the intensive summer session and the longer academic year session, ASPIRE interns are paired with APL staff mentors to complete projects, solve problems, and learn and apply crucial technical and interpersonal skills in a hands-on, professional environment.

The ASPIRE program is an unpaid, holistic learning experience and is not a job. ASPIRE students must be able to work independently, communicate with APL staff members and mentors, persist when faced with challenges, and continually think outside the box.

ASPIRE aims to provide an accessible, inclusive, and supportive space to learn. All students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status can be successful in the ASPIRE program. The primary goal of the program is not to test and evaluate students, but to offer a supportive environment to learn more about STEM skills and careers.

The ASPIRE program is competitive, but does not prioritize applicants with the highest GPA, the most STEM experience, or the strongest resume. Please see more about the selection process here. Applying does not guarantee acceptance. Our current acceptance rate is approximately 15%-20%. You can apply, here.