Policies and FAQs

Parent Code of Conduct

Applicants are responsible for properly completing the application, sending supporting documentation, and checking the status of materials sent by third parties. Applicants and their parents/guardians agree to treat all JHU/APL staff with respect and to avoid disruptive behavior. Failure to adhere to these commitments may result in removal from the current and/or future applicant pool at JHU/APL’s discretion.

General Questions

  1. Where is APL located?

    APL is located at 11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, Maryland 20723. We are one exit south of Route 32 off of Route 29. For further information, including directions, please visit APL’s Locations and Directions page. Please note: We are not located on the Johns Hopkins University campus.

  2. Is APL accessible by public transportation?

    APL is not accessible by public transportation. APL does provide a shuttle to and from the Laurel MARC station twice per day.

  3. Is this program paid or unpaid?

    This is an unpaid learning experience. The ASPIRE program works with schools to provide an extension of your learning environment. The program is intended to benefit students by increasing their knowledge base and experience in STEM subjects.

  4. Is there housing available for ASPIRE students?

    APL does not offer any housing or housing information for ASPIRE students.

  5. I am a green card holder. Can I participate in the ASPIRE program?

    Green card holders are not eligible for the ASPIRE program. APL is a secure facility and US Citizenship is required for access to our systems and campus.

  6. My GPA is below the minimum 2.8 requirement. Can I still participate?

    The ASPIRE program is intended to be a supplement to academic work, and we ask that students who do not meet the minimum requirement spend their time building up their academic record first and then apply to the ASPIRE program once they have reached the minimum requirement.

  7. My family is going on vacation. Can I still participate?

    As long as you disclose your vacation plans to your mentor, and are still able to complete your minimum hours, then you may go on vacation.

  8. I am on the baseball/volleyball/drama/yearbook, etc. team, and I have to go to practice every day, but I still want to participate in ASPIRE during the academic year. How can I make that work?

    It is very challenging to participate in an extracurricular activity at the same time as the ASPIRE program. Please meet with your school counselor to determine how your school deals with internship programs and whether you will be given early release to come to APL. Remember to consider travel times when deciding whether you have enough time to participate. You must meet the ASPIRE minimum hourly requirements during the school year, between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may not complete internship tasking on the weekends or in the evenings. If you have an unusual schedule (for example, are only available on one day of the week), please discuss that with your summer mentor if you wish to continue through the academic year.

    Seniors should also take into account the college application process when planning their schedules.

    It is expected that students who are accepted into the ASPIRE program will make the program a priority.

  9. Will I get to choose the project I work on?

    Mentors will review applications and select students whose interests match their area of expertise. Mentors will contact students to conduct a phone or in-person interview. During the interview, the mentor will share his or her project or will discuss how you will develop a project together. Some ASPIRE students do get to choose (develop) their own projects and some do not; it depends on the mentor.

  10. I want a placement in neuroscience or biomedical engineering. Is that possible?

    Every session of the ASPIRE program is different. We do work to find placements in areas such as biology and chemistry, but historically we have only placed a few students each session in these areas. Because of the limited placements, if your interest is in biomedical engineering or neuroscience, we would encourage you to have other options if you are not selected.

  11. When will I be notified whether I have been accepted or not?

    Please see the Internship Timeline and Information tab for more information.

  12. Can I include additional materials with my application?

    At this time, we ask you only to submit what is asked for in the application. Links to personal websites, LinkedIn accounts, GitHub, etc. may be included in the appropriate fields, but are not required.

  13. How do I submit a recommendation form?

    After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your personalized recommendation link. This can be sent as a reminder to your recommender(s). Once they complete and submit the recommendation form, the form will automatically attach to your application. Your application will be complete when we have received one recommendation form.

  14. I don’t want to participate during the academic year. Can I just apply for the summer?

    Yes. Your ASPIRE application is for enrollment in the summer session. Students are not required to stay through the academic year.

  15. How can I apply for the ASPIRE academic year session?

    ASPIRE only has one application period per year, which is for the summer session. The summer is a prerequisite for participation in the academic year. At the end of the summer session, both students and their mentors must decide and agree on whether or not to continue through the academic year.

Homeschool Questions

  1. My student is homeschooled. Can he or she still apply for the ASPIRE program?

    Absolutely! We welcome homeschoolers into the program, as long as their homeschool is in compliance with Maryland law and the student meets our basic eligibility requirements. For more information about Maryland homeschool law, check out this link: http://marylandpublicschools.org/about/Documents/DSFSS/SSSP/HomeInstruct/HomeInstructionFAQ.pdf

  2. Who should sign the school counselor form? How do I give credit for this internship?

    Unless your child is enrolled in an online or video learning program where they have an official school counselor or advisor, you as the homeschool parent will be the one to sign that form. Likewise, the level of credit you award for the internship is at your discretion, but it should be consistent with Maryland State Department of Education rules and regulations.

  3. The application form asks for a GPA and, as a homeschooler, my student does not have one. What should we provide?

    According to Maryland law, students can be homeschooled under one of two options: the portfolio option or the umbrella option.

    • If you are homeschooling under the portfolio option, you should have a portfolio of curriculum, assignments, test results, etc., reviewed at least once annually by your school district’s superintendent. You should have sufficient materials in this portfolio to provide an accurate GPA.

    • If you are homeschooling under the umbrella option (state-approved or religious organization), you should have the equivalent of a GPA either provided by the umbrella organization or created in compliance with umbrella organization requirements. If for some reason this is not the case, you should still have sufficient records to provide an accurate GPA.

  4. Should I write my student’s recommendation form?

    The ASPIRE program requires one recommendation form, which cannot be filled out by a parent. We suggest asking another instructor, coach, scout leader, club leader, religious leader, etc., to fill out the recommendation form.

  5. My student is available at odd times—during the mornings, evenings, weekends, etc.—because of their unique school schedule. Can they complete their internship during those hours?

    No, ASPIRE interns can only complete internship work during general business hours: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  6. Can my student complete their internship hours at home?

    If your student has selected the virtual internship option, their work may be completed from home.