ASPIRE Areas of Placement

Students may apply for consideration in one of the following areas of interest:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (All)
  • Information Technology & Cybersecurity
  • Mathematics & Data Analysis
  • Physics
  • Planetary Science

Placements in Biology and Chemistry are extremely limited. Only about 5% of ASPIRE placements are in these fields combined. We are not a hospital and do not provide medical internships.

A list of possible mentors and/or projects is not available to students or parents. Only one application per student will be considered, so choose your areas of interest carefully. Your primary area of interest determines which mentors may view your application. If a mentor’s project has very specific needs, we will take your secondary area of interest into consideration.

Types of ASPIRE Internships

You may select ONE of the options below on your application. You will be considered for opportunities that match your preferences:

  • In-person internships – Students complete 90% or more of their internship in-person at APL. There may be up to one day per week of intern-from-home flexibility.
  • Virtual internships -Students complete 100% of their internship work remotely, except for mandatory in-person onboarding, equipment returns, and extreme IT troubleshooting. They may come on campus but are not required to do so.