Affiliate Programs

APL Civil Space Education and Public Outreach

From the Sun to Pluto and beyond, APL is engineering the future of space exploration—examining Earth’s near-space environment, our star, planetary bodies, and the outer solar system. Students, educators, museums, science centers, and the public can share in the excitement of the missions that APL manages for NASA by visiting the Civil Space For Students webpage, hosted by APL’s Space Exploration Sector. This webpage includes activities, fun games, and links to NASA websites to excite and inspire the next generation of space explorers through hands-on, minds-on learning experiences.

College Prep Program

The College Prep Program was created to help students prepare for, apply to, and succeed in college. Admission is by competitive application and is open to all area high school students. Applicants who are interested in STEM and who have demonstrated need (such as a low-income background, first-generation college experience, lack of mentors) are encouraged to apply. Applications are available in March of each year for the summer program. To learn more, visit

High School Cybersecurity Workshop

The High School Cybersecurity Workshop is a program designed to help students learn about the challenging fields of cybersecurity, online safety, and ethical hacking/penetration testing. The purpose of the workshop is to increase access to cybersecurity material so high school students can decide whether they would like to pursue a career in this exciting field. All too often, students are not even exposed to the introductory curriculum until their junior or senior years of college. This is too late if we want to seriously address our national and global labor shortage. To learn more, visit