Summer Session Information

The ASPIRE summer session runs from June to August.

  • Students must commit to attending the program for a minimum of 6 weeks with no more than a 1-week break within the 6 weeks.
  • Students must begin the program no later than July 6.
  • Students must commit to spending a minimum of 25 hours per week on site at APL.

Students applying to the summer session are strongly encouraged to review their schedules to determine whether they have the appropriate time available to participate in the ASPIRE program. Students should remember to consider travel times to and from APL. Our expectation is that the ASPIRE program be the priority.

Session Timeline

January 1

ASPIRE summer session application period opens at 12 a.m.

February 16

Deadline extended!

ASPIRE summer session application period closes at 11:59 p.m.

March 1

All recommendation forms are due by 11:59 p.m.

March 1–June 8

Mentors review applications, interview students, and extend an invitation to the program.


Orientations are held for accepted students.


ASPIRE students start program.