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Name Research Area(s) Research Title(s)
Brian J. Anderson Heliophysics, Planetary Physicist
Olivier S. Barnouin Planetary Planetary Geophysicist
Andrew W. Beck Planetary, Earth Geologist
Pietro N. Bernasconi Heliophysics, Planetary Solar Physicist; System Egnineer; Project Manager
David T. Blewett Planetary Planetary geologist
Nathan T. Bridges Planetary Planetary Geologist
Robert J. Bruntz Earth, Heliophysics atmospheric physicist; space physicist
Debra L. Buczkowski Planetary Planetary Geologist
Joshua T S Cahill Planetary Planetary Geologist; UV to TIR Spectroscopist; Imaging Radar Scientist
James F. Carbary Planetary magnetospheric physicist
Nancy L. Chabot Planetary, Earth Planetary Scientist
George B. Clark Planetary Space Physicist
Ian J. Cohen Heliophysics, Planetary Space Physicist
Kathleen L. Craft Planetary Planetary Scientist; Geophysicist
Neil Dello Russo Planetary Planetary Astronomer; Cometary Scientist; Molecular Spectroscopist
Brett W. Denevi Planetary Planetary Geologist
Robert E. Erlandson Heliophysics Branch Supervisor - Science and Space Instrumentation
Carolyn M. Ernst Planetary Planetary Scientist
Benjamin T. Greenhagen Planetary Planetary Scientist
George C. Ho Heliophysics, Planetary Space Physicist
David C. Humm Planetary, Earth Optical Calibration Scientist
Dana M. Hurley Planetary, Heliophysics Planetary scientist
Kaushik A. Iyer Earth, Planetary Materials Physicist
Noam R. Izenberg Planetary, Earth Planetary Geologist; Planetary Scientist
Jeffrey Roy Johnson Planetary Planetary geologist
Lauren M. Jozwiak Planetary Planetary geologist; Planetary volcanologist
Rachel L. Klima Planetary Planetary Geologist
Haje Korth Heliophysics, Planetary MESSENGER MAG Instrument Scientist; MESSENGER Deputy Project Scientist; Europa Mission PIMS Investigation Scientist
David Lario Loyo Heliophysics Space Physicist
David J. Lawrence Planetary, Heliophysics Physicist; Planetary Scientist
Carey M. Lisse Planetary, Heliophysics Planetary Astronomer; Stellar Astrophysicist; Infrared Spectroscopist
Ralph D. Lorenz Planetary Planetary Scientist; Project Scientist
Ralph L. McNutt Jr. Heliophysics, Planetary Space Physicist
Michael T. Mellon Planetary Planetary Geologist and Geophysicist, Applied Physics Laboratory; Associate Research Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Viacheslav G. Merkin Heliophysics Space physicist
Scott L. Murchie Planetary Planetary geologist; Instrument principal investigator
Jorge I. Núñez Planetary, Earth Planetary Scientist; Astrobiologist; Systems Engineer
Christopher Peter Paranicas Planetary Planetary Scientist
Gerald W. Patterson Planetary Planetary geologist
Larry J. Paxton Heliophysics, Earth principal investigator; aeronomer; space scientist
Patrick N. Peplowski Planetary Nuclear spectroscopist; Experimental nuclear physicist; Radiation physicist
Mark E. Perry Planetary Planetary scientist
Jeffrey B. Plescia Planetary, Earth Planetary scientist; Geophysicist
Nour E. Raouafi Heliophysics, Planetary Solar Physicist
Andrew S. Rivkin Planetary Planetary Astronomer
James H. Roberts Planetary Planetary Geophysicist
Kimberly D. Seelos Planetary planetary geologist; spectroscopist
Frank P. Seelos Planetary Planetary Scientist
Mikhail I. Sitnov Heliophysics
Angela M. Stickle Planetary Planetary Scientist; Hypervelocity Impact Physicist
William H. Swartz Earth, Heliophysics Atmospheric scientist; Principal Investigator
Elizabeth P. Turtle Planetary Planetary Scientist
Sasha Ukhorskiy Heliophysics Physicist
Christina E. Viviano-Beck Planetary Planetary Geologist; Spectroscopist (VNIR/IR)
Angelos Vourlidas Heliophysics Astrophysicist
Harold A. Weaver Jr. Planetary Planetary Scientist
Joseph H. Westlake Planetary, Heliophysics Space Physicist
Jack T. Wilson Planetary Planetary geochemist; Nuclear spectroscopist
Yongliang Zhang Heliophysics Space Physicist
Xun Zhu Earth, Planetary