The agenda for the meeting follow the same form we have been using for recent meetings:

Following an initial plenary session on 26 February the four Discipline Groups meet after 10:15 AM and continue on the morning of 27 February (click on links to access agendas and start times):

Geology Discipline Group (GDG)
Location: 200-E100

Atmosphere and Magnetosphere Discipline Group (AMDG)
Location: 200-W202

Geochemistry Discipline Group (GcDG)
Location: 200-E161

Geophysics Discipline Group (GpDG)
Location: 200-E273

The Plenary Session begins in the large 1st floor conference room 200-E100 promptly at 8:30 AM on 26 February and run through 10:15 AM. The Plenary will reconvene at 1 PM on 27 February and conclude in time for the MESSENGER Science Team Dinner at 7 PM hosted at Ranazul Restaurant, Maple Lawn, MD ( The Plenary will conclude about 12:30 PM on 28 February, the exact time depending upon discussions of future plans and events and/or other items of interest.