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Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
SB Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences 1991 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD Planetary Sciences 1997 University of Arizona

I received my Ph.D. in Planetary Astronomy from the University of Arizona in 1997. At the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, my research centers around near-infrared spectroscopy and spectrophotometry of asteroids. In particular, I'm interested in those asteroids that have evidence of water or organic materials in them, detectable in their infrared reflectance spectrum. This pursuit has led to studies of asteroids from 1996 FG3, a near-Earth asteroid on which clay minerals has been found, to 24 Themis, an asteroid in the outer belt on which his team found water ice -- a first for asteroids. I have particular interest in the dwarf planet Ceres, producing several papers in the past few years detailing its unusual composition and variation across its surface, as well a focus paper for the Planetary Science Decadal Survey. In addition to observational work, I have been active in the broader near-Earth object community, serving as a team member in several efforts to understand and report the impact hazard we face and how to lessen it, and leading a group reporting to NASA about the most important unknown factors related to human exploration of an asteroid.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
Start Year End Year Description
1997 2000 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Arizona
2000 2005 Research Scientist, MIT
2005 Current Senior Staff, APL
Start Year End Year Description
2011 Current Treasurer, AAS Division of Planetary Sciences
2010 2010 Chair, SBAG Strategic Knowledge Gap Special Action Team
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