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:   Aeronomer; Astrophysicist

:  Heliophysics


Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
Ph.D Physics 1985 Brandeis University

In my experience, I have worked in a variety of fields.  Currently I work in upper atmospheric research, and am deputy project scientist on the SSUSI UV imager on the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program.  I also work on its sister instrument the GUVI UV imager on NASA's TIMED satellite.  I study effects in the ionosphere, thermosphere and the auroral zone.  

I have also worked on scientific software as the lead developer at GSFC for NASA's FERMI mission Science Support Center and NASA's RXTE mission Science Operations Center.  

Before that I worked in astroparticle physics research (cosmology and cosmic rays) at the Bartol Research Institute of the University of Delaware.  

I was an NAS/NRC fellow at GSFC and a postdoc at the Ohio State University.  

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Start Year End Year Description
2005 Current Scientist, Geospace Sciences, SES, JHU/APL
1998 Current High Energy Astrophysics, GSFC
1989 Current Particle astrophysics and cosmology, Bartol Research Institute
Year Description
2006 - Present AGU member
1986 - Present APS member
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