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:   Planetary geologist; Planetary volcanologist

:  Planetary


Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
Ph.D. Planetary Science 2016 Brown University
Sci. M. Planetary Science 2013 Brown University
B. S. Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science 2011 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lauren Jozwiak joined the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in 2016. Prior to this, she was a graduate student at Brown University studying with Dr. Jim Head. Her disseration focused on shallow intrusive magmatism on terrestrial bodies, and her research explored the physical mechanics of intrusion emplacement, geomorphologic analysis of created landforms, and remote sensing observations supporting the existance of these subsurface bodies. Her research focuses on using geologic observations to inform and support volcanological modeling of magma propagation processes. Lauren is also interested in bubble formation processes and how the planetary volatiles gained during accreation can be traced using much later volcanic processes on a body. As a graduate student, Lauren was involved with the GRAIL science team, and with the MESSENGER Geology Discipline Group as well as the MDIS instrument team.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
VOLCANOLOGY Planetary volcanism
Start Year End Year Description
2019 Current Senior Professional Staff; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2016 2019 Postdoctoral Fellow; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2013 2016 NASA Harriet G. Jenkins Graduate Fellow; Brown University
Year Description
2011 - Present Geological Society of America
2011 - Present American Geophysical Union
2016 Geological Society of America, Dwornik Award Honorable Mention, poster presentation
2015 AGU Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Paper Award, Planetary Sciences Section
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Lauren M. Jozwiak, James W. Head, Lionel Wilson, (2015), Lunar floor-fractured craters as magmatic intrusions: Geometry, modes of emplacement, associated tectonic and volcanic features, and implications for gravity anomalies, Icarus, 248, 424-447

Ryan J. Isherwood, Lauren M. Jozwiak, Johanna C. Jansen, Jeffrey C. Andrews-Hanna, (2013), The volcanic history of Olympus Mons from paleo-topography and flexural modeling, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 363, 88-96

Lauren M. Jozwiak, James W. Head, Maria T. Zuber, David E. Smith, Gregory A. Neumann, (2012), Lunar floor-fractured craters: Classification, distribution, origin and implications for magmatism and shallow crustal structure, Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, 117