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Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
PhD Geosciences 2005 University of Massachusetts Amherst
MS Geology 2002 University of Massachusetts Amherst
BA Astronomy 1992 Boston University

I have extensive background in planetary mapping and kinematic analysis of terrestrial planets, moons and asteroids, and have designed numerical models to explain structural phenomenon on Mars, Venus, Eros, Vesta and Ceres. My research projects include: 1) Mapping and analysis of linear features on 1 Ceres, 4 Vesta and 433 Eros; 2) Geologic mapping of 1 Ceres and 4 Vesta; 3) Mapping, structural analysis, and numerical modeling of giant polygons on Mars; 4) Topographic analysis and numerical modeling of quasi-circular depressions (QCDs) in the northern lowlands of Mars; 5) Spectroscopic analysis of outcrops in the Argyre basin and northwestern Noachis Terra, Mars using CRISM data; 6) Geologic mapping of Gale Crater, Mars; 7) Kinematic mapping and structural analysis of lineaments around Irnini Mons, Venus; 8) Geologic mapping of the V-18 Lachesis Tessera Quadrangle, Venus; 9) Geomorphic mapping of the intra-ejecta dark plains around the Caloris basin, Mercury; and 10) Geologic mapping of the Caloris basin and Intercrater Plains, Mercury.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
PLANETARY SCIENCES: SOLID SURFACE PLANETS Surface materials and properties
STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY Fractures and faults
TECTONOPHYSICS Dynamics and mechanics of faulting
Start Year End Year Description
2014 Current Section Supervisor: Surface Geology, Planetary Exploration Group, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2008 2014 Staff Scientist, Planetary Exploration Group, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2005 2008 Post-doctoral researcher, Planetary Exploration Group, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2000 2005 Research Assistant, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Year Description
2019 Ronald Greeley Distinguished Service Award, for service to the Planetary Geology Division of GSA
2011-2013, 2019 - Present Editorship (Associate Editor, Icarus 2019-Present; Guest Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research–Planets, CRISM/OMEGA special issue 2011-2013)
2009 - Present Professional Meeting Planning Committees (Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference 2009-2013, 2019; Geological Society of America Fall Meeting 2014-2020)
2010 - 2016 Executive Board Member, Planetary Geology Division, Geological Society of America (Secretary Treasurer 2010-2012; Second Vice Chair 2012-2013; Vice Chair 2013-2014; Chair 2014-2015; Past Chair 2015-2016)
2011, 2013, 2014, 2019 NASA Group Achievement Award (2011 MRO CRISM Science Team; 2013 Dawn Science Team; 2014 MSL Relay Operations Team; 2019 Dawn Science Team)
2009 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Special Achievement Award (1) for development of a Proposal Writing; (2) as part of the MRO CRISM uplink team)
2005-2008 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellowship
2003-2005 NASA Graduate Student Research Program Fellowship
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