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:   Planetary Scientist; Hypervelocity Impact Physicist

:  Planetary

  Europa Clipper, EIS, LRO, Mini-RF, LAMP

Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
Ph.D Geological Sciences, Impact Physics 2012 Brown University
Master of Science Engineering, Mechanics 2011 Brown University
Master of Science Geology 2009 Brown University
Bachelor of Science Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering 2007 University of Washington
Bachelor of Science Earth and Space Sciences 2007 University of Washington

I am a planetary geologist specializing in hypervelocity impact processes and dynamic failure of materials. Currently, I am a Co-I on the Mini-RF radar and LAMP UV spectrometer onboard the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter, a Co-I on the Dragonfly mission, a team member on the Europa Imaging System (EIS) on Europa Clipper, the lead for the Impact Modeling Working Group on the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission, and a member of the Steering Committee and Investigation Team for the AIDA international collaboration. I am also involved in studying phenomenology following hypervelocity impacts into a variety of materials, and am a member of the NASA NEO Action Plan Modeling Working Group. My main research interests include dynamic properties and failure/fragmentation mechanisms of brittle materials, impact cratering on planetary surfaces, planetary surface evolution, lunar lighting analysis for mission planning, modeling impact signature phenomenology, and planetary defense. My research utilizes experimental facilities such as the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range, the APL planetary impact lab, and Kolsky bar systems at the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute, numerical models using the CTH hydrocode, and analysis of planetary spacecraft data. 


AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
PLANETARY SCIENCES: SOLID SURFACE PLANETS Surface materials and properties
MINERAL PHYSICS Shock wave experiments
MINERAL PHYSICS High-pressure behavior
Start Year End Year Description
2015 Current Staff Scientist, JHU APL. Section Supervisor (2020 - )
2013 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, JHU APL.
2012 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute.
2007 2012 Research Assistant, Brown University.
2003 2007 Student Researcher, University of Washington Space Physics Research Group.
Year Description
2019 - present Member of the NASA Near-Earth Object Action Plan Modeling Working Group
2019-2021 Chair of the 2021 Hypervelocity Impact Symposium
2019 Department of Defense David Packard Award for excellence in innovation and acquisition
2015 - 18 Small Bodies Assessment Group Steering Committee member (Early Career Secretary)
2010, 2015 Nominated as one of the 10 best papers at the Hypervelocity Impact Symposium
2011 Elected to the Sigma Xi honor society
2010 Outstanding Student Paper Award, AGU Fall meeting
2005-2006 Astronaut Scholarship recipient
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