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:   Planetary Geologist; Planetary Scientist; Comparative Planetologist

:  Planetary, Earth


Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
PhD Earth and Planetary Sciences 1996 Washington University
ScB Geology 1989 Brown University

My primary interests include remote sensing and in situ measurement of rocky planetary and solar system small body surface composition, morphology, stratigraphy, active geologic processes, and change detection. I am also interested in the hydrologic cycle and surface/atmosphere interface processes, including those in extreme environments. The planetary boies of interest to my work include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Eros, Mars, the Galilean satellites, Enceladus, Titan, Triton, Pluto, Arrokoth, and exoplanets. I also do laboratory research on chemistry at the atmosphere-surface interface of Venus, space weathering on airless bodies including dielectric breakdown, seismic shaking of regolith on small bodies, and thermal effects on reflectance spectra.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
PLANETARY SCIENCES: SOLID SURFACE PLANETS Surface materials and properties
Start Year End Year Description
2019 Current Principal Professional Staff, JHU/APL
1998 2019 Senior Professional Staff, JHU/APL
1997 1998 Post-Doctoral Fellow, JHU/APL
1996 1997 Lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Pennsylvania
2016 Current Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
2017 Current Merle A. Tuve Fellow, Guest Research & Teaching faculty, Johns Hopkins University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
2019 Current NIAC Fellow (Ripcord Innovative Power System / Rotor-Impeller Power System)
Year Description
2018 - Present Deputy Chair, Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG)
2015 - Present Member, VEXAG Working Groups • VEXAG Venus Roadmap (2018-) • VEXAG Technology Plan (2018-) • Venus Bridge Study Group (2017-2018) • VEXAG Technology Development and Laboratory Measurements Focus Group (2015)
2018 Ignition to Combustion Grant pipeline award (Sci-Fi challenge "That's No Moon" to ExIST), for performance in Ignition Grant effort.
2017, 2018 VEXAG achievement/honor for VEXAG SC service and hosting VEXAG 2017, 2018 meetings
2015 - 2018 Committee Member, Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG)
2002, 2008, 2011 NASA Group and Public Service Group Achievement awards for NEAR Shoemaker, MESSENGER, and MRO CRISM
2009 APL Hart Prize for Excellence in Independent Research and Development
1999 Asteroid 5584 Izenberg named in recognition of work on the NEAR Shoemaker mission
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