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:   Planetary Geologist; Spectroscopist (VNIR/IR)

:  Planetary


Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
B.A. Astrogeophysics 2006 Colgate University
Ph.D. Earth and Planetary Science 2012 University of Tennessee

My research pertains to the evolution of Martian crust over time, including the environments that existed during its early history as preserved in the rock record.  I utilize visible/near-infrared and thermal infrared spectroscopy of Mars to gain insight into the composition of the surface exposed today.  Presently, I focus on the variability in mineral signatures as identified through the CRISM visible/near-infrared hyperspectral imager.  Ultimately, understanding the geologic origin of the mineral diversity exposed at the surface today provides context for assessing the habitability of past surface and subsurface conditions on Mars.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
PLANETARY SCIENCES: SOLID SURFACE PLANETS Surface materials and properties
Start Year End Year Description
2014 2019 JHU/APL, SR PROF STAFF I: CRISM science targeting; CRISM summary parameter generation to characterize spectral variability in CRISM dataset; Several ongoing research projects utilizing CRISM spectra to make geologic interpretations about the Noachian surface of Mars.
2012 2014 JHU/APL, POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER: CRISM science targeting; CRISM summary parameter generation to characterize spectral variability in CRISM dataset; Several ongoing research projects utilizing CRISM spectra to make geologic interpretations about the Noachian surface of Mars.
2011 2012 UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Used THEMIS thermal infrared multispectral imagery and CRISM hyperspectral imagery to determine the abundance, mineralogically characterize, and map phyllosilicates on Mars.
2006 2011 UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, TEACHING ASSISTANT: Taught labs for introductory physical geology, introductory environmental geology, introductory planetary geology, upper-level undergraduate planetary geology, graduate-level remote sensing.
2005 2005 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Summer internship analyzing Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range seismicity. Helped deploy seismometer array in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.
2004 2006 COLGATE UNIVERSITY, TEACHING ASSISTANT: Assistant for introductory astronomy
2004 2004 COLGATE UNIVERSITY, RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Summer internship analyzing taxonomy and density counts of diatoms in Antarctica ocean sediment core samples.
2019 Current JHU/APL, SR PROF STAFF II: Several ongoing research projects utilizing CRISM spectra to make geologic interpretations of the surface and subsurface of Mars.
Start Year End Year Description
2012 Current Journal Peer-Reviewer: JGR, Icarus, American Mineralogist, OLEB
2013 Current Mars Exploration Student Data Team (MESDT), Judge/Scientist
2008 Current Involved in 20+ outreach or research presentations/programs, 1st Grade - Higher Ed, and general public.
2008 Current 10+ professional conference or meeting research presentations
2012 2012 Colombia flood basalt field excursion, THEMIS team meeting, WA
2010 2010 NASA Planetary Volcanology Field Workshop, HI
2008 2009 Geology Club President, The University of Tennessee
2006 2006 Colgate University Summer Field Course, NY, CO, WY, UT
Year Description
2011 Dwornik Award, Best Graduate Student Poster, LPSC
2010, 2011 Excellence in Graduate Assistant Teaching, The University of Tennessee
2009, 2011 Excellence in Outreach, The University of Tennessee
2009 East Tennessee Geological Society Student Professional Presentation Award
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