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Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
Doctor of Philosophy Physics 1978 American University
Master of Science Physics 1970 American University
Bachelor of Science Physics 1966 University of Richmond

Dr. Edward M. Gaddy's current research interests focus on extremely light weight solar arrays for use at the outer planets. In this capacity, he led the design team for the Transformational Solar Array that achieved a specific power density that is over five times better than state-of-the-art arrays at Jupiter environs. Recently, Dr. Gaddy also designed the photovoltaics that power the Parker Solar Probe. The challenge with the Parker array is that it operates at higher irradiances than any other spacecraft solar array. This is because the Parker Solar Probe gets closer to the sun than any other spacecraft. Other challenges with the Parker array included accounting for array output with only the limb of the sun visible.

Dr. Gaddy has worked for over 50 years as an array engineer, and in that time made significant contributions to over one hundred spacecraft solar arrays. He has three patents related to spacecraft solar arrays. He initiated and co-chaired the committee that rewrote AIAA Standards for Qualification and Quality Requirements for Solar Cells and for Solar Panels.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
GENERAL OR MISCELLANEOUS Techniques applicable in three or more fields
Start Year End Year Description
2009 2020 Senior Principal Staff at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Parker Solar Probe Solar Array Engineer and the Europa Clipper Solar Array Engineer
1997 2009 Staff Engineer for the Power Systems Branch at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland. I planned and conducted development to produce advanced solar arrays and power systems for space flight use. I insured that GSFC maintained and improved its power systems technology base for present and next generation flight programs. I contributed to many design reviews of spacecraft.
1991 1997 Head of the Energy Conversion and Analysis Section at Goddard Space Flight Center. I supervised three power system engineers, two solar array engineers and two technicians. I chaired a committee to determine the action to correct flaws in the first Hubble Space Telescope solar array.
1983 1991 Manager then Director of Aerospace Products at Solarex Aerospace in Rockville, MD. I increased sales of the division from approximately $200,000 to over $2,000,000 per year by targeting specific customers for increased marketing and by improving the division’s technical, quality, and business performance.
Year Description
2010 The Irving Weinburg Award for Significant Contributions to the field of Space Photovoltaics
2010 Power System Engineer of the Year Award for Contributions to the Field of Spacecraft Power Systems
2008 Tom Budney Engineering Integrity Award
2005 Creative Development of Technically Significant Software
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