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:   Electrical and Software Engineer

:  Planetary, Earth

  Europa Clipper, Radiation

Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
MS Electrical Engineering 2019 Stanford University
BS Electrical Engineering 2012 Messiah University

Hardware designer and software developer for space-based applications. Board lead for 5 PWBs in the Radiation Monitoring (RadMon) subsystem of Europa Clipper. Developed verification scripts to validate multiple SBC FPGA cores on the DART mission. Provide engineering support for multiple planetary and geospace projects including SuperDARN and the Planetary Surface Texture Laboratory.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
IONOSPHERE Instruments and techniques
Start Year End Year Description
2019 Current Electrical and Software Engineer at JHU APL • Board lead for 5 PWBs in the Radiation Monitoring subsystem of Europa Clipper • Developed verification scripts to validate several cores of the DART SBC FPGA
2013 2015 Aerospace Engineer at NASA • Oversaw and coordinated electrical aspects of Saffire payload assembly, and testing • Participated as the electrical representative on a team that identified and solved incipient project and program issues • Performed final reviews for all electrical documentation, including test procedures, schematics, BOMs, test reports, and change requests
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