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Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
Master of Science Electrical Engineering Johns Hopkins University
Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering University of Maryland College Park

Subsystems and hardware design engineer specialing in Avionics, Electrical Power Systems and distribution, and muti-gigabit optical transceiver design.  Hardware designs have flown on multiple spacecraft including Parker Solar Probe, New Horizons, Argos/P91-1 (Air Force), Indostar (Commercial), and Space Shuttle. 

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Start Year End Year Description
2014 Current Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory - Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) Avionics Subsystem Lead; Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Processor Module Mission Specific Card (MiSC) hardware design and development; Parker Solar Probe Avionics Redundant Electronics Module Box Lead, Spacecraft Interface Card and Multiplexer Card hardware design and development.
2013 2014 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Grove Resources - Avionics hardware design and development for Parker Solar Probe.
2004 2013 CIENA Corporation - Principal Engineer; 40Gbps and 100Gbps optical transceiver design and development; fiber optic protection switch module, Optical Service Channel modem design and development; phase lock loop circuit designs.
2003 2004 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/CDI Corporation - New Horizons Spacecraft Electrical Power System hardware design; Shunt Regulator Unit (SRU) Analog Telemetry Card design and development.
2000 2003 CIENA Corporation - Lead RF/Analog Design Engineer; high-speed digital/RF board design, opto-electronic design, laser driver circuitry, optical detection circuits, electro-optical modulator bias control circuits and software algorithms; sustaining engineering and reliability analysis; configuration control board member; developed company wide circuit derating guidelines.
1996 2000 Orbital Sciences Corporation/CTA Space Systems - Electrical Power Subsystems Lead/Cost Account Manager, hardware design engineer; technical lead on Battery Charge Regulator program used on Orbcomm constellation; Avionics and EPS hardware design and test on Indostar satellite.
1990 1996 US Naval Research Laboratory - Electronics Engineer; electronics design and development supporting far ultraviolet space imaging instruments based on electron-bombarded CCD detectors; high voltage power supply design (-30kV); motor control circuits.
Year Description
2020 Senior Member IEEE
2014 JHU/APL Oscar Award
2011 US Patent awarded
1996 US Naval Research Laboratory Service Award
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