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:   Electrical Systems Engineer; Project Manager

:  Heliophysics

  IMAP, Juno, JEDI, Parker Solar Probe, Van Allen Probes, RBSPICE

Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
B.S. Electrical Engineering 2007 Morgan State University
M.S. Systems Engineering 2009 University of Maryland Baltimore County

Mr. Kenneth E. Newsome Jr. is a member of the Senior Professional Staff and serves as both an Electrical Systems Engineer and Project Manager within the Space Exploration Sector.  Mr. Newsome is a versatile electrical systems engineer with both technical depth and breadth across the space systems life cycle.  Mr. Newsome has served as Deputy Spacecraft Electrical Systems Engineer for the Parker Solar Probe mission (PSP), a NASA Living with a Star program which launched in 2018.  Mr. Newsome currently serves as the Spacecraft Electrical Systems Engineer for the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe mission (IMAP), a NASA Solar Terrestrial Probes program.  Mr. Newsome also currently serves as the Project Manager for the JEDI (JUNO) and RBSPICE (Van Allen Probes) flight instruments.

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Start Year End Year Description
2009 2013 Test and Radiation Effects Engineer, JHU/APL
2013 Current Electrical Systems Engineer, JHU/APL
2020 Current Project Manager, JHU/APL
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