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  Europa Clipper, Radiation

Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
B.S. Nuclear Engineering 2007 The Pennsylvania State University
B.S Mechanical Engineering 2007 The Pennsylvania State University
M.S. Nuclear Engineering 2011 Air Force Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering 2014 Air Force Institute of Technology

Motivated, energetic nuclear engineer and radiation effects in electronics physicist with a passion for team-driven, empathetic leadership. Experienced with experimental and simulation-based scientific research and strong interpersonal skills. Lifelong desire to continue learning and expand worldview. Demonstrated leadership by building OSD-level working group from the ground up to assess U.S. Rad. T&E infrastructure as directed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters. Now, I manage a small team of engineers as the Section Supervisor for the Radiation Analysis & Testing section in the Space Environments Group.

AGU Index Category AGU Index Sub-Category
SPACE WEATHER Space radiation environment
SPACE PLASMA PHYSICS Neutral particles
Start Year End Year Description
2020 Current Title: Section Supervisor; Radiation Analysis and Test (SEN-003) Section Employer: JHUAPL Duties/Roles: Manage a small team of radiation engineers and physicists who ensure the survivability of electronic components in space and man-made radiation environments.
2019 2020 Title Senior Radiation Effects Engineer; Radiation Analysis and Test (SEN-003) Section. Employer: JHUAPL Duties/Roles: Component analyst and radiation effects on electronics subject matter expert for space and man-made radiation environments.
2014 2019 Title: Radiation Sciences Engineer Employer: Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division Duties/Roles: IR&D research engineer in radiation effects on novel semiconductor materials. Lead SME to Missile Defense Agency for microelectronics radiation survivability. Manager of radiation test facility/infrastructure study where I coordinated a gap analysis and interfaced with strategic programs (Navy, Air Force, & MDA) as well as test facilities.
2007 2009 Title: Reentry Branch (SP28) Engineer Employer: U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Programs office Duties/Roles: Entry-level engineer supporting Trident II D5 strategic missile warheads, reentry bodies, and wharf-side missions.
Year Description
2009-2014 SMART Scholarship awardee
2018-Present Hardened Electronics And Radiation Technologies (HEART) Society 2019-Present: Steering Committee member-at-large 2019-Present: HEART Conference Proceedings Guest Editor
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