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:   Planetary scientist; Physicist

:  Planetary, Earth

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Degree Field of Study Year Attained Institution Name
PhD Physics 2017 University of Idaho
MSc Physics 2015 University of Idaho
BSc Physics 2012 University of Louisville

I am a planetary scientist interested in the creation and redistribution of sediments. My current research focuses on identifying and classifying sediments on the surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, using data from three Cassini instruments: RADAR, ISS, and VIMS. I'm also interested in scattering processes at work in Titan's atmosphere and use radiative transfer modeling to understand how they interfere with remote sensing data. The potential habitable and inhabited environments of the icy satellites, particularly Titan, drive my interest in astrobiology, specifically how material availabilities affect what chemistries--be they abiotic, prebiotic, or biotic--are possible. Using data from the Earth satellite SMAP, I'm also investigating the feasibilty of using microwave radiometers as volcanic or lightning event detectors at other bodies in the solar system (e.g. Venus, Titan, Pluto).

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Start Year End Year Description
2012 2017 Graduate research assistant; University of Idaho
2014 2015 Graduate teaching assistant; University of Idaho
2018 Current Post doctoral researcher, JHU APL
Start Year End Year Description
2010 Current American Astronomical Society
2018 Current Geological Society of America
2018 Current American Geophysical Union
Year Description
2014-2017 NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellowship
2013 Idaho Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
2011 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
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