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Name Research Area(s) Research Title(s)
Robert Allen , Space Physicist
Brian Anderson Heliophysics, Planetary Physicist
Ardeshir Azarbarzin Planetary Program Manager
Andrew Baisden Planetary Analog Engineer; Aerospace Power Systems Engineer; Power Electronics Engineer
Olivier Barnouin Planetary Planetary Geophysicist
Corina Battista Planetary, Heliophysics Program Manager
Jason Benkoski Planetary Materials Scientist
Jodi Berdis Staff Scientist
Alice Berman Software Systems Engineer
Pietro Bernasconi Heliophysics, Planetary Solar Physicist; System Engineer; Project Manager
David Blewett Planetary Planetary geologist
Debra Buczkowski Planetary Planetary Geologist
Stewart Bushman , Propulsion Engineer
Ben Bussey Planetary scientist; Instrument Principal Investigator
Joshua Cahill Planetary Planetary Geologist; UV to TIR Spectroscopist; Synthetic Aperture and Sounding Radar Scientist
Karen Cahill Planetary Planetary Geologist; Spectroscopist
James Carbary Planetary magnetospheric physicist
Nancy Chabot Planetary Planetary Scientist
Alex Chartier Heliophysics Staff Scientist in Ionospheric Physics
Steve Cho Heliophysics
Maxwell Chung Electrical Engineer; Software Engineer
George Clark Planetary, Heliophysics Space Physicist
Alice Cocoros Astrophysics Physicist
Ian Cohen , Space Physicist
Joseph Comberiate Heliophysics Space Scientist; Aeronomer
Elizabeth Congdon , Chief Technologist of the Engineering Branch; Mechanical Systems Engineer; Mechanical Lead Engineer
Douglas Cool Earth
Kathleen Craft Planetary Planetary Scientist; Geophysicist; Astrobiologist
Terik Daly , Planetary scientist; JHU/APL Planetary Impact Laboratory (PIL) manager
Mallory DeCoster Planetary Scientist; Thermal Engineer; Remote Sensing Analyst
Neil Dello Russo Planetary Planetary Astronomer; Cometary Scientist; Molecular Spectroscopist
Brett Denevi Planetary Planetary Scientist
Michelle Donegan Planetary, Heliophysics Space Environmental Effects Engineer
Carl Engelbrecht Planetary Propulsion Engineer
Robert Erlandson Heliophysics Branch Supervisor - Science and Space Instrumentation
Carolyn Ernst Planetary Planetary Scientist
Raymond Espiritu PDS Archivist; Senior Software Developer specializing in data pipelines
Paul Finneran Program Manager
Richard Fitzgerald Heliophysics Project Manager
Tyler Formica Astronomy Systems Reliability Engineer
Robert Furrow System Engineer; Software Engineer; Section Supervisor
Edward Gaddy Earth Spacecraft Solar Array Engineer
Ankita George Heliophysics
Jesper Gjerloev Heliophysics Space Physics
Matina Gkioulidou , Space Physicist
Dawn Graninger Physicist
Benjamin Greenhagen Planetary Planetary Scientist
Yanping Guo Planetary, Heliophysics Space Mission Designer
Matthew Halstead Planetary Nuclear Engineer
Musad Haque AI Scientist specializing in spacecraft autonomy; swarming; multiagent systems
Patricia Harrington-Duff Software Engineer
Christopher Haskins , RF/Electrical Engineer
Kenneth Hibbard Planetary, Heliophysics Dragonfly Mission/Project Systems Engineer
Charles Hibbitts Planetary Planetary Scientist
George Ho Heliophysics, Planetary Space Physicist, Planetary Physicist
David Humm Planetary, Earth Optical Calibration Scientist
Dana Hurley Planetary, Heliophysics Planetary scientist
Kaushik Iyer Heliophysics, Planetary Materials Physicist
Noam Izenberg Planetary, Earth Planetary Geologist; Planetary Scientist; Comparative Planetologist
Stephen Jenkins Navigation Engineer
Jeffrey Johnson Planetary Planetary geologist
Lauren Jozwiak Planetary Planetary geologist; Planetary volcanologist
Mary Keller Earth, Planetary Geophysicist
Hyosub Kil Ionospheric Physicist
Rachel Klima Planetary Planetary Geologist
Haje Korth Planetary, Heliophysics Europa Clipper Deputy Project Scientist; MESSENGER Deputy Project Scientist; MESSENGER MAG Instrument Scientist
Martha Kusterer Software Engineer
David Lawrence Planetary, Heliophysics Physicist; Planetary Scientist
Jeffrey Leeburn Planetary Remote sensing specialist
Daniel Lein Electronics Engineer
Justin Likar Heliophysics
Kan Liou Heliophysics Space Physicist
Carey Lisse Planetary, Astrophysics, Heliophysics Planetary Astronomer; Stellar Astrophysicist; Infrared Spectroscopist
Ralph Lorenz Planetary Planetary Scientist
Adrienn Luspay-Kuti Planetary, Astronomy Planetary Scientist
Jacob Lustig-Yaeger Planetary, Astronomy exoplanet astronomer; astrobiologist
Shannon MacKenzie , Planetary scientist; Physicist
Thomas Magner Planetary
Kathleen Mandt Planetary, Heliophysics Planetary Scientist; Chief Scientist for Exoplanets
Anna Martin Remote sensing specialist
M Alexandra Matiella Novak Planetary Planetary Geologist/Volcanologist; Mission Operations
Barry Mauk Heliophysics, Planetary Space Physicist
Erin May , Exoplanet Astronomer
Laura Mayorga , Exoplanet Astronomer
Richard Meitzler Planetary
Viacheslav Merkin Space physicist
Heather Meyer Planetary Planetary Geologist
Wesley Millard Electrical System Engineer; Frontier Radio Co-Inventor
Richard Miller Astrophysics, Astronomy, Planetary, Heliophysics Astrophysicist; Nuclear physicist; Planetary scientist
Donald Mitchell Planetary, Heliophysics Instrument Designer; Planetary magnetospheres Physicist; Heliospheric Physicist
Parisa Mostafavi Heliophysics Space physicist
Scott Murchie Planetary Planetary geologist; Instrument principal investigator
A. Nair Planetary Scientific Software Developer
David Napolillo Mechanical Design Engineer
Anthony Needles Planetary Flight Software Engineer
Kenneth Newsome Heliophysics Electrical Systems Engineer; Project Manager
Jorge Núñez Planetary, Earth Planetary Scientist; Astrobiologist; Systems Engineer
Shin-ichi Ohtani Heliophysics space physicist
Christopher Paranicas Planetary Planetary Scientist
Gerald (Wes) Patterson Planetary Planetary geologist
Larry Paxton Heliophysics, Earth principal investigator; aeronomer; space scientist
Patrick Peplowski Planetary Nuclear spectroscopist; Experimental nuclear physicist; Radiation physicist
Mark Perry Planetary Planetary scientist
Jeffrey Plescia , Planetary scientist; Geophysicist
Jamie Porter Planetary Radiation Effects; Spacecraft Charging Effects
Parvathy Prem Planetary Planetary Scientist
Joseph Pulkowski Chief Engineer SII Group
Nour Raouafi Heliophysics, Planetary Astrophysicist
Alysen Regiec Web Programmer
Matthew Reinhart Planetary Program Manager
Andrew Rivkin Planetary Planetary Astronomer
James Roberts Planetary Planetary Geophysicist
Kirby Runyon Planetary, Earth Planetary Geomorphologist
Kyle Ryan , , Optical Engineer; Systems Engineer
Abigail Rymer , Space Physicist
Robert Schaefer Heliophysics Aeronomer; Astrophysicist
John Scherrer Heliophysics, Planetary, Earth Project Manager
Kimberly Seelos Planetary Planetary geologist; Spectroscopist
Frank Seelos Planetary Planetary Scientist
Helmut Seifert Planetary, Astrophysics, Heliophysics, Earth PROGRAM MANAGER
Deane Sibol computer scientist
Mikhail Sitnov Heliophysics
Howard Smith Planetary, Heliophysics, Earth, Astronomy Space Physicist
Edmond Smith Heliophysics, Astrophysics Scientific Analyst/Developer; Physicist
Dipak Srinivasan Planetary, Heliophysics, Earth External Engagements Lead (Government, Commercial, International); Spacecraft Communication Systems
Josh Steele Planetary Scientific Applications Software Engineer
Grant Stephens Heliophysics
Kevin Stevenson , , Exoplanet Astronomer
Angela Stickle Planetary Planetary Scientist; Hypervelocity Impact Physicist
Jake Strang , Scientific Software Engineer
William Swartz Earth, Heliophysics Atmospheric scientist; Principal Investigator
Kazue Takahashi Heliophysics
Arthur Tucker Immersive technologies technical lead; Computer scientist; Systems engineer
Jordi Turner Planetary Software Engineer; Mechanical Engineer
Franklin Turner Planetary, Heliophysics Software Engineer
Elizabeth Turtle Planetary Planetary Scientist
Sasha Ukhorskiy Heliophysics Space Plasma Physicist
Ronald Vervack Planetary, Astronomy Planetary Scientist
Sarah Vines Heliophysics Space Physicist
Christina Viviano Planetary Planetary Geologist; Spectroscopist (VNIR/IR)
Angelos Vourlidas Heliophysics Astrophysicist
Harold Weaver Planetary Planetary Scientist
Joseph Westlake Planetary, Heliophysics Space Physicist
Maxwell Wieder Lead Requirements and Verification Engineer on Europa Clipper
Jordan Wiker Planetary, Earth Electrical and Software Engineer
Jack Wilson Planetary Planetary geochemist; Nuclear spectroscopist
Simon Wing Heliophysics Physicist
Kiley Yeakel Data Scientist
Yongliang Zhang Heliophysics Space Physicist