Volunteer for MESA Day

Each year, hundreds of MESA students convene for MESA Day, bringing projects they have designed, built, and tested for a sociable competition with their peers.

MESA Day is an exciting day for students and teachers, culminating many months of learning and preparation. Students can also attend the STEM demonstrations and hands-on activities—a great way to interact with their peers, teachers, and volunteers.

MESA Days would not be possible without volunteers. We need help with a variety of tasks during different days and times:

  • Competition Judge: Judges score projects based on a rubric, give constructive feedback to student groups, and help decide the winners.
  • Scorers: Keep score, assemble scoring sheets.
  • Facilitators: Run STEM demonstrations and hands-on activities—instructions are provided.
  • Logisticians: Help set up or clean up, guide groups of students, sign in volunteers and students, take photos or video, serve lunch and snacks, any tasks needed to make the event run smoothly.
  • Reviewers: Read and score technical papers competitors submit a few days before the competition. We provide rubrics for scoring.
  • Team Leaders: Lead teams of judges, demonstration and activities facilitators, logistics, and reviewers. Requires training session before MESA Day events.

Anyone can contribute:

  • STEM professionals
  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Industry representatives
  • Teachers, instructors, lectures, professors, and researchers
  • Anyone who wants the reward of working with underrepresented students pursuing a STEM career

For questions, contact Mary Cumor: (240) 228-7133, Mary.Cumor@jhuapl.edu