About Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD)

Radically Improves Cyber Defense Response Time

Providing rapid detection and threat response through trusted, yet dialable, automation and situational awareness with user controlled information sharing for every enterprise regardless of size and existing security configuration.

Moves Human Defenders Outside of the Response Loop

By leveraging automation to enhance the effectiveness of human defenders, IACD moves them outside the response loop into a response planning and approval role "on the loop" of cyber defense.

IACD is a Set of Orchestration Service

The mitigation of cyber threats requires the integration, synchronization, and automation of sensing, sense-making, decision-making, and acting capabilities across network layers, and relies upon the rapid ingestion and processing of shared threat and response intelligence among trusted partners.

Captured in Playbooks

IACD provides a mechanism where business- and operations-driven objectives, processes, and controls – including those captured via a Cybersecurity Framework profile – can be translated and applied as automated response actions. Via IACD Playbooks, conditions, indicators and controls that drive the need for cybersecurity responses are captured for orchestration services to monitor and execute.

Driving Tenets

Bring Your Own Enterprise

IACD acknowledges that enterprises have different missions, business process rules, and resources and therefore may implement IACD differently.

Product-Agnostic Plug-and-Play Architecture

IACD must be flexible enough to support a range of enterprise environments, technologies, resources, and levels of sophistication.


Proprietary products must function together via non-proprietary methods.